Bronze Listing


This package is ideal for sellers of secluded recreational and hunting land, land held for oil, gas, and mineral rights, secluded homesteading property, and land that is more suitable for “land banking” rather than land development. “Land banking” is the practice of converting liquid cash into a stable commodity, land, for the purpose of storing value for medium to long term periods. It is a relatively safe way to store assets, as most land that fits into this category retains a stable value over time, even if that value is typically low.
These land parcels are usually valued under $2,000, making them ideal for both entry level investors with small starter portfolios, as well as institutional investors with diversified portfolios valued in the hundreds of millions.
As with the sale of all commodities, it is important to remember that value is often speculative, determined more by what the market is willing to pay for it than by almost any other factor. Because of this, to have a successful sale you must 1) know who your market is and direct your marketing efforts to capture their attention, and 2) know what that market is willing to pay for your land today and under what terms they’re willing to purchase it.
Our team has years of experience in this field, and will ensure that your offer is presented to the right people, and with a property portfolio that captures their attention, peaks their interest, and eloquently persuades them to add your land to their asset portfolio.


Your portfolio will include:
  • All current assessment data.
  • Parcel boundary and GIS maps.
  • A deed history examination.
  • Satellite imagery and aerial photos.
  • Ground view photos (if available).
  • A summary analysis of comparable sales and listings in the area.
  • A purchase offer summary, highlighting the price and terms available to the buyer.
This portfolio is designed to be the sales pitch to your prospective buyers, covering all the details they need to make an informed decision to purchase, but in a style and format designed for fast reading. Think of it as a resume for your land.
Your portfolio is then directed to the attention of our list of prospective buyers, as well as being featured on a number of high traffic websites within the Land Flip Network, with Zillow and Trulia listings for added exposure.
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The cost for this package is a one-time portfolio set-up fee of $199, and a monthly listing maintenance fee of $20, which includes unlimited reviews and revisions of your listing. There is no time commitment, and no cancellation fee.
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